Summary of Registration Process
This screen provides a summary of the steps involved in the registration process. To return to the Login screen, click the 'Return to Login' button at the bottom of the page. To continue the registration process, click the 'Continue Registration' button.

Please note myETF Benefits does not require a separate Wisconsin User ID. If you currently have an account set up for other purposes, please return to the Login page and use that account to access myETF Benefits.

Step 1 - Read and accept the access agreement
To use the myETF Benefits online services, you must read and accept the Wisconsin Web Access Management User Acceptance Agreement.
Step 2 - Establish your login profile
To login to the myETF Benefits online services, you need a Wisconsin user ID and password. You will select your own user ID and password.
Step 3 - Account Confirmation
Once you have completed Steps 1 and 2, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your Wisconsin Access Management (WAMS) account. Once your account is activated you will be ready to continue by clicking on the 'Previous Application' link within the Self-Registration page.
Step 4 - Validate your identity
To access your personal account information, we need to verify who you are. You must provide your Social Security Number, Member id, and your date of birth. The information entered must match the information in our records for you to gain access.